Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Laurence Gill said...

As far as disasters go I think the proposal for the Holy Cross church is a disaster. This is the thin edge of the wedge for multi unit development in CB. If this goes through as planned I can see at least 2 if not 3 other properties who would like to do the same. This village is a unique single family village and should remain that way not to mention or usual problems with parking and the train.

scottt MCDERMID said...

Save the church at 2770 Mckenzie, Village Montessori School needs your help in saving the old church / school , by emailing the mayor and myself for your support. We have proposed to build a 3rd classroom, plus second floor office in back of the church, allowing us to keep the church as are principle class room. We need your support informing the mayor that you fully support the application, to build and save the church.

please send your support letter and emails to myself at SDM1MAC@GMAIL.COM and also to the Mayor at

We need all the support we can get to save this piece of history please help.

Thanks Scott McDermid

Laurence Gill said...

A letter I wrote to the Surrey council members and mayor. If we want to save that church which fits in CB very well we need lots of people to write to Surrey city. Compare this to the Holy Cross csh grab.
Dear sirs
I am and have been a resident of Crescent Beach since 1974 and my family has owned the house I live in since 1933 when my grandfather purchased it. the old United church has been a fixture of CB all my life I remember going to services there in the 50's and 60's. I really hope it can be preserved even if it means giving the preservers a little more leeway on panning rules. It is and has been a school for a long time now A school is the prefect use for it as it does not operate during the summer season when CB is a mad house with tourists, the cars that arrive there with children are soon driven off and parked else where and its is terrific to see the next generation around the village with their teachers and aids. It warms the heart to see little children out and about enjoying what I have enjoyed for 69 years. I do not see parking as a problem with the school as I said they come they go they are not permanent. There place across the street is a problem when it comes to parking. I don't know who let them build so much on such a small lot with very little parking and it is busy all year long. The old Holy Cross property I see is trying to build multi unit homes on 4 lots and that would add dozens of cars to the street all year long. I am very much in favour of the Montessori school being allowed to do their renovation and not be burdened with having to supply x number of parking spaces because the only parking required is for the teachers not parents and only for 10 months of the year not during extreme parking shortages.
yours sincerely
Laurence Gill